We are already past the first month of 2023 and the events calendar is hotting-up. The circumstances and events of the past few years have fundamentally changed the nature and style of events planning for weddings and corporate events. The aftershocks of the pandemic have made many people wary of large and uncontrolled gatherings. At the same time, in public events, we have witnessed tremendous participation. Experience Makers, the leading wedding and corporate events planners based in Kochi, Kerala is at the forefront of creating the best events with an understanding of the changed scenario. 

More in-person events are expected. 

Since there has been a relief from the pandemic, more people are now coming out to events. Events with good attendance are becoming the norm again. While those who reside far away would not prefer to take the extra effort to travel and would prefer to attend the event online. It looks like hybrid events will continue through 2023 by all indications. Making people who attend online feel connected and participative will be one of the challenges that corporate event planners like Experience Makers will face.  

Jazz up the tech.

Now no major corporate, wedding or product promotion event is complete without the use of special advanced technology aspects. Audio-video technology with the help of drones is a must. Electronically controlled lighting, high-speed internet connections, high-quality music performances and equipment are all the norm. This added to the audio-visual presentations and high-class presentations and comperes at the events. As a renowned events planner reputed amongst the best in Kerala, Experience Makers is well-positioned to make any event a resounding success.

In tune with the times. 

The new-gen brides and grooms have a lot of expectations. Many of them expect their wedding to be completely environment-friendly. They insist on bio-degradable utensils, zero-wastage of food and reduction of unnecessary expenses. We at Experience Makers have incorporated numerous ethical and environmental practices to make weddings guilt-free and happy. 

In touch with the advances. 

The management of information is now becoming fundamental to the success of events, especially for corporate and product launch events. Access to check-in, access control, and invitation printing with the right hardware-software support and deft handling of it has become a vital aspect of successful events. Synchronization of event interactions, data and happenings gives the management the tools for furthering their productivity and sales follow-up. By creating a connected event environment and managing the remote attendees, Experience Makers, as the leading events managers can maximize the benefits of the event.