These days, everyone is hyper-stimulated with low attention spans. The mobile phone is a major distractor with phone calls, social media, and browsing the Internet. Now capturing the customer’s attention is a challenge that we Experience Makers – as the premier Wedding and Events planners in Kochi, Kerala – are delivering confidently. 

Connecting with the attendees 

It is our nature as humans to crave interaction, attention, and connection. As the leading wedding planners in Kochi, we make every event special and strive to make every guest feel special and welcome. A wedding is an event when members of a family meet after a long time. It is a renewal of acquaintances and making new friendships and bonding. It is the confluence of two individuals and their families. It is the coming together of friends and colleagues in a happy event. Stimulating the five senses and creating a conducive atmosphere for everyone is a task we have taken upon ourselves.  

Making events eventful

In corporate events or brand promotions, the timescale for creating a positive image and delivering a satisfying, memorable experience with great impact is very short. Most of the people who are attending marketing or brand promotion events have been to many such events and feel bored that they are attending another one which is similar to countless others. The task for Experience Makers, as the best Corporate events planners in Kochi, Kerala, is to build excitement and make the event feel fresh and different.   

Engaging Attendees’ senses  

A sensational event with many novel and experiential items happens only when event managers like Experience Makers tap into the pool of creative personnel and come up with the best ideas. Every event is a combination of scents, colours, music, flavours and lights. The event venue is always decked up with flowers, sending positive vibes with a mixture of soft colours, heady scents and beauty to behold. We are adept in selecting the music according to the event and having the best presenters, comperes, musicians, comedians and performances. The backdrop design, the tablecloth on the tables, the flower arrangements, the lighting, the theme – everything catches our eye and we work on all the aspects to get it just right.  

Being attentive and responsive

It takes special attention to create positive and memorable experiences as the guests feel the need to be genuinely welcomed and considered. With the help of technology, we can pinpoint every guest and make them feel recognized. During brand events, individuals can be recognized for their previous purchases and their history with the company and its products. Their experience during the event can be tailored to their brand preferences and unique tastes. For example, the purchaser of a certain brand of car can be shown upgrades, additional features and accessories of the same brand during an event meet. Many tech-based and AI models are now being utilized in enhancing the guest experience with data-based analysis to create personalised touches. For creating the most responsive and memorable event or wedding, feel free to contact us to discuss your event with Experience Makers.