The fact that our planet is at peril is evident to everyone. So, the moot point is, what are we doing about it? We at Experience Makers, as one of the leading events and wedding planners in Kochi, Kerala is doing our bit by emphasising green credentials by making events more eco-friendly. 

We work with our clients to protect our green philosophy that wins the hearts and minds of our clients through the goodwill of their clients and customers. Our efforts collectively help boost awareness and further the education of the public on matters related to the environment. Making events a green showcase is not just good publicity, it can also help make the event more cost-effective and boost revenues. 

Importance of an eco-friendly event

When an event is conducted responsibly with social and ecological commitment, there is minimal wastage and maximum use of recyclable products during the event. The use of disposable plastic is reduced to the maximum and the emphasis is on bio-degradable replacements. Some of the approaches include the use of recycled paper for all the printed literature and giveaways during the event. The use of water fountains and drinking towers at strategic locations at the event to reduce the use of disposable water bottles is another helpful feature.  

Boosting sustainable meets 

As an eco-friendly wedding and events planner and events management firm, involved in corporate events and product launches, Experience Makers stresses paperless agendas. All major communications are done online and on digital devices – thereby reducing all use of paper. We also encourage our event customers to transfer the brochures and presentation materials to their clients and potential customers online. 

Working with sustainability-minded vendors 

When we plan the event, we make a list of the best vendors who are like-minded and follow our sustainability and eco-friendly practices. Our flower vendors assure us that the flowers from our meets will go into bio-farms to be converted into bio-fertilizers. We maximize the utilization of solar power generation at event venues with the help of the right partners. 

Reducing the need to travel 

Inaccessible convention centres make commuting longer for the guests. We do our best to book hotels and accommodations for event participants closer to the event halls so that they can walk down to the event. If guests are very far off and would require a plane journey, we suggest their participation online, saving them from the travel and the associated costs. 

Reducing wastage from events 

Too much food that eventually gets wasted is a problem. We ensure that we have a good understanding of the number of participants and whether they will be joining us for the specific meals. This helps reduce food wastage. We also suggest to our clients that we place water jugs and glasses at the events to reduce the use of bottled water. 

Experience Makers is one of the few major events and corporate events managers that stress the reduction of wasteful giveaways to event participants. Such stuff usually ends up in the trash cans. Instead, we suggest giveaways that have monetary value like special discounts on purchases or referral points.