After a couple of years of disappointments due to postponements, delays and staid weddings with just small batches of close relatives and events being conducted in tense situations, the wedding scene is opening up to joyous events. 

Yet the tinge of unhappiness resounds as many families have lost dear ones to Covid – it could be even a favourite uncle or aunt if not immediate family members. Every loss stays heavy on the heart because if the weddings were not delayed, everyone would have been present for the weddings, as planned before. 

Looking at things afresh

It’s like a new dawn as there has been a fundamental shift in the wedding scene. One of the major shifts has been the limiting of invitations to the most necessary and manageable levels. Earlier there used to be weddings with easily more than five thousand invitees. A manageable level of wedding makes it more intimate, well organized and richer in all aspects. It is more joyful and far less stressful. So let the wedding bells toll. 

Plan the bookings

As the wedding season picks up pace, the re-opening of wedding venues means that there is a huge rush because of postponed and current weddings vying for all the best venues. An unimaginably high number of engaged couples are fast getting married in this packed wedding season. This has also brought in a rush at the best tailors, and a boost of energy to the wedding ensemble and sarees showrooms as well as jewellery trade. 

Renewed Confidence

The new wedding plans reflect the renewed confidence in holding large and grand weddings – in a better-planned manner, keeping invitees within manageable limits. The previous trend of rushing off to weddings with the whole family has also seen a change as people now go only to the most necessary weddings. The possibility of visiting weddings online and partaking in the fun and activities virtually has also put off the necessity of being physically present at weddings. 

New trend in spending 

The new trend is to make weddings better by spending more on the ensemble, theme wedding, better planning and entertainment. Weddings have become joyous affairs with dances, music programs, multi-cuisine feasts and programs extending over many days. The emphasis is on quality and intimacy. This has given a boost to the related industries including the cake-makers, decorators, videographers and wedding entertainers. 

In with the trend 

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