Just like every other industry segment, the Event Management sector continues to keep up with the times by incorporating and adapting modern technology. Any event that is well organized and conducted and done at a massive scale, would these days require the need of modern technology tools and management software. At Experience Makers, the leading corporate, general and wedding events planners based in Kochi in Kerala, we keep innovating and adding new technology tools to conduct the best events.

At the very beginning
In any event that uses ticketing, there would be an issue of scale and the need to manage huge crowds. Here technology plays a spectacular role in impressing customers and attendees by making ticketing easy. The event organizers can improve the attendees’ experience and impress them. With the help of a well-designed App for the event, attendees can make their attendance bookings or kiosk booking online along with payment.

What follows
Once the attendee has a pre-paid ticket, it is easy to check their entry and ensure that they have access to all the facilities offered on payment. The app and also be designed to allow ticketless entry for the customers and give them access to each section of the event. This streamlined entry management can happen only with good technology solutions that are developed for the specific needs of the event managers and utilized for their events. What it allows Experience Makers is the ability to count the attendees, track real-time participation in each event, and good data collection for further management and operational efficiency.

Keeping it mobile
Every attendee will be carrying a mobile device on which the App is installed. A strong free or fee-based reliable and safe Wi-Fi can be offered to the attendees – especially if the event is held at a remote location where the general network is not adequate. For this, the event planners make the provision in collaboration with major players involved in providing Mobile Connectivity. Attendees can be offered promo codes in advance, each section of the event can communicate with the attendees and engagement can be built.

New advances
Event organisers can now use virtual reality (VR) to enhance attendance and profitability. There are various instances where people desire to attend live events but are unable to pay for some of the accompanying fees (i.e., hotel stays, transportation, food etc). Attendees will likely soon be able to experience events online and have a similar experience to that of being at the primary venue thanks to Virtual Reality (VR).

Going hyper
The arrival of 5G technology is now manjor game changer.This enables wireless internwt services that are over a hundred times quicker than those available now. Higher-quality sound and images can now be delivered because of the accelerated pace. Convention centres enabling full 5G wireless coverage to be provided can provide Virtual Reality to attendees online and get a 360-degree view of the venue. At Experience Makers, we explore every avenue for incorporating technology to make the event management experience even better.