The event management segment in Kerala saw a steady rise and resurgence post the Covid period. The industry has bounced back with a vengeance and is increasingly incorporating new trends and strategies, keeping up with the times, led by the leading event planners in Kochi, Experience Makers.

Now the industry is viewing exciting new opportunities and a steady increase in attendee and customer attendance and engagement. This has encouraged Experience Makers to make new strides as one of the best Wedding Planners and Corporate Events planners in Kochi, Kerala. Some of the top trends that are being witnessed in the industry have been followed and assimilated by good event planners like Experience Makers.

Quality Space makes a resurgence
As the trend of in-person events is rapidly increasing, there is a new demand for quality spaces that assist in comfortably conducting Corporate and Board events of leading companies. Clients are seeking smart venues which offer smart and high-quality services. They want their catering to be of superior quality, especially during weddings and premier corporate events.

Digital is here to stay
All the digital elements of events management and conduct are here forever. The pandemic gave a boost to the digitization of events with online meets, broadcast of events online and virtual meets in combination with in-person attendance of conferences, events and weddings. Now those who cannot attend a meet or event wouldn’t want to miss it just because they are not there in person. They wish to attend it virtually. It also meant that companies can have better engagement with their prospective attendees and continue their dialogue with them. The norm in the coming days will be a unique mix of hybrid events with in-person and virtual being of equal importance.

Environmental consciousness
Both corporates and individuals like the bride and groom are now showing an inclination for more environmentally compatible and socially relevant events. Companies today have a need and commitment to display their social responsibilities. Individuals are now looking for conducting environmentally sustainable and zero-waste events. Leading environmentally conscious event planners and corporate events managers like Experience Makers at Ernakulam, Kochi leading the trend.

New relationships with vendor partners and technology providers
Post pandemic events management sector is creating new partnerships with competent vendors and suppliers. This helps in the reliable conduct of events without hitches. Event planners like Experience Makers require technology support systems that are unfailing and reliable. So new alliances with the best players in the field are forged. This means that events broadcast over the net are done smoothly and without fail. The drone photography is of the best quality. The in-event entertainment is of top quality and the catering is superb. Today event managers and event companies are consolidating their technologies and becoming far more efficient. Data is analyzed and the CRM, Finance and other systems are in place to become more competent. The outlook for the events management sector is thus highly promising and robust.