A destination wedding happens when the blissful event is held at an exotic location. The event becomes intimate with just the most important persons to the couple being present and all the romantic as the honeymoon can be combined with the wedding with an extended stay at the beautiful, scenic location. Experience Makers are the leading wedding planners in Kochi, Kerala who have extensive experience in conducting a destination wedding. The special aspects and challenges that such events present are best handled by Experience Makers.

Choosing the best location for the wedding
Every prospective couple that desires a destination wedding will have a location in mind. At least they will have a concept that they would love to bring to reality. Some couples like houseboat weddings, some like jungle weddings, some love hill stations for their scenic beauty, some love beach weddings for their romantic setting or some would love to have their wedding held at a special temple, a church, or some unique venue. Experience Makers, as the leading wedding and corporate event planner in Kerala, Kochi can help you make your destination wedding a truly grand one.

Weather is a factor
The first aspect to keep in mind when choosing your destination wedding venue is the weather. Though the weather is not something one can predict completely, one can take precautions. It will not help if the skies are dark and gloomy and the seas are choppy during your beach wedding. Nor will it help if the hill station is too cold and gloomy with the approaching early winter. As the venue destination is matched with the time of the year, a good wedding planner can help you find the right destination for a perfect wedding.

Making the arrangements locally
It will not be practical to hire all the support services from the town and take them all to the destination wedding location. One will certainly have to rely on local services and suppliers, especially the caterers. This is where the services and experience of the wedding planner come into play. They will know whom to hire and the best services that are locally available.

Each destination has a new challenge
Beach weddings and hill station weddings are the two most popular destination wedding locations currently. Kerala offers many sensational locations for each of the choices. Alleppey, Kovalam, and Varkala are the popular beach destinations while Gavi, Munnar, Ponmudi etc are the chosen hill-station locations. But one need not limit oneself to those. There are numerous unknown and relatively secluded and vacant beaches all along the coastline of Kerala. And there are numerous smaller hill stations like Devikulam, Nelliampathi, Peermedu etc., that are usually less crowded than the popular destinations. A destination wedding at any new and unique location is always a challenge for the wedding and events planners but something that Experience Makers are adept at.

Challenging wedding destinations
Conducting a wedding on houseboats or a remote island at Lakshadweep or amid a deep jungle are all adventurous and challenging. There is no limit to imagination for a destination wedding and a challenge is always welcome. One can get married on a mountain top or in a helicopter. One can also get married on a moving luxury train. The possibilities are immense. But the simple and clear truth remains that Kerala with its quaint coastal towns, blissful, serene, romantic and picture-perfect locations provide the perfect backdrop for a wedding that is ever memorable.