The most crucial aspect to be taken into consideration while planning an event in Kochi is the budget. It can be a key factor in the success of the event. One of the best ways to do that is to entrust the event with leading event planners in Kochi like Experience Makers. The event will be conducted by Experience Makers by including all the aspects that are required while setting aside funds for each aspect. This takes a lot of experience and creative juggling on the part of the event planners to make the event a huge success.

The Team is the Key
Experience Makers puts together a core team who will be in charge of handling the event and coordinating with the key personnel from the client side. Executives from the client side with clear event response responsibilities will help in the taking of decisions quickly. It would require their attention on a day-to-day basis with accountability and power to take decisions.

Secure the Budget
Things will not start working unless a concrete budget and a range to work within are agreed upon. Sometimes last-minute additions to the plans will require additional funds and the time taken to arrive at an approval for the additional budget can play havoc with the event.

Aspects that affect the budget
Every event involves various segments that can either add on or help reduce the cost – when the aspect is taken into account. It can include Venue Rentals, Food and Beverages, Audio and Visual production, Travel Costs, Marketing costs etc. If additional hotel rooms have to be booked at the last minute for new participants – the budget goes haywire.

Dealing with Venue Rentals
It is always beneficial to approach the venue rentals cautiously and in consultation with the client. Sometimes the Client will have more influence and at other times the event planners like Experience Makers will have a more solid clout with the event venue owners or organization. The aim is to achieve the lowest cost and this is something that cannot be ever overlooked. All the freebies, additional features and extra benefits must be taken into account and negotiated to achieve the lowest cost. However, it does not mean that a cheap venue is the answer and such a venue will reflect poorly on the brand value of the product/service of the client and leave the attendees with a poor impression. So the right venue at the right price is the key to a great event.

The cost of marketing
This is a cost that is sometimes ignored and at most times given low attention. The success of any major corporate event requires a high level of planning and the necessary and associated marketing. Hoarding, social media with paid ads and influencer marketing all add to the costs. There is also the need for designing and printing handouts and brochures. These should not be ignored while planning the event cost.

At all stages of the event planning the budgets and amounts committed to each item has to be reconsidered. All records of the costs agreed upon should be kept so that there is no ambiguity or misunderstanding in the end. This efficiency will help in removing any confusing gaps or unsure aspects. Before each aspect of the event is decided upon to be entrusted – multiple vendors can be considered and their prices associated with their capabilities and deliverables have to be taken into account. All this helps in ensuring that the event is well conducted at the best budget possible.