The most impactful aspect of design that makes it most persuasive during a brand’s event and branding is colour. The colours used become the theme of the event and this is derived and arrived from the colours associated with the brand and products under it.

Colours are utilized to establish the theme of the event, giving meaning and delivering the message of the brand in many subtle ways. A good event planner like Experience Makers, the leading corporate event planner in Kerala is adept in making events a memorable brand experience with the use of colours.

Subliminal suggestions
When an event uses the colours of the brand, it creates a sense of familiarity. It brings purpose and immediacy to the event. It leaves an impression that is remembered by the participants. Colours have the special ability to make one feel tranquil, excited and more. There is energy, a feel of strength or modernity that can be created with colours. In a corporate event, many aspects like logos, taglines, and brand/product messages come together to create an environment that leads to brand recognition.

Adding the elements
Along with colours, the layout, the setting and the backdrop of the event too play a role. Natural elements like flowers, plants, lamps, scents, curtains etc., add mood to the event. They make the attendees feel good, satisfied and even happy. Worm colours like red and orange stimulate excitement and encourage conversation and sales. The shades, colours and tones – all have their role to play. Colours like purple, gold and silver bring a sense of luxury and elegance to the event settings.

Lighting up with colours
Most times, especially when the event happens in the evenings and into the night, coloured lighting plays a crucial role. They have a significant impact on those attending by creating the specific mood and atmosphere that is just right for the brand and the desired results. Products that have to create an atmosphere of romance or relaxation can use soft pastel tones. Meanwhile, bright and coloured lights deliver more energy to stimulate conversation and energetic discussions.

Creating a special feel with colours
For casual events like weddings and receptions, cultural aspects and the personal choice of colours of the clients have to be taken into account. The colour schemes and themes can be discussed with clients and they can be utilized for creating desired effects using various elements like props, flowers, curtains and lighting. Some venues may require colours to create various effects. It would be necessary in some cases to make a venue feel cosier. Or in some cases where the venue is rather smaller than expected, it can be made to feel more expansive with the use of colours, props and visuals of expansive outdoors. Ceiling lighting, props and designs can be used for the best effects. Using dark colours on the ceiling design can make the venue give off an opulent feel.

The magic of event design
Experience Makers, the premier Events and Wedding Planners in Kochi, Kerala have been utilizing the principles of psychology in all its event designs. It helps in creating an immersive and engaging experience for the attendees, inspiring and enthusing them.