Rainy season can play havoc with events and wedding planning. Today, the weather has become increasingly unpredictable; even weather forecasts may not help. The rains are so intense at times that it puts the whole program or event at risk with heavy rains that can continue for a larger part of a day or continuously throughout a whole evening.

When an event has been carefully put together, planned and executed, there remains no option but to work around the situation and do the best possible. Postponement or cancelling will be no help as all the work and expenditure towards the event would have already been put into place.

Best strategy
The best strategy in such an unpredictable situation is to make sure that the event continues with the least number of hiccups. Through good planning and a bit of foresight, many of the bad situations can be brought under control. This is where the experience and expertise of a leading events management and wedding planner company in Kochi like Experience Makers comes into play.

At times, it becomes a good policy to inform guests in advance that the weather can play spoilsport, especially if the event is a personal one limited to relatives and friends. This will help them take adequate precautions and some of them could arrive early or the day before to the city and stay nearby to the event venue.

Keeping the weather in mind
When it is understood that the event is happening during monsoons, and when the forecast predicts bad weather, the event can be adjusted accordingly, being preponed or postponed by a few hours and the participants can be informed early as much as possible. By taking the weather and its unpredictability into account, all arrangements can be made well in advance. Food can be prepared and delivered taking into account the weather conditions. Some predictions about the number of attendees can be made and the event can be planned accordingly.

Venue holds the key.
When the event is happening during the monsoons, it is better to select the right venue which is easily reachable with approach roads that don’t get waterlogged. Inform the guests about the best routes to take to the venue. The ushers should all be supplied with big umbrellas and the pathway leading to the venue should not be waterlogged so that people can walk in in their fine clothes without getting dirt on it. The venue should also be able to withstand heavy showers and a bit of windy conditions.

Planning is vital in such cases.
First of all, only indoor venues can do that. Only such good venues can prevent attendees from getting wet. As there can be power cuts during heavy rains, it is better to have a good generator on standby. If there are areas between the venue to the reception area, it is better to get a cover or temporary roof in place so that the attendees do not get wet.

All the vendors must be informed to make sure that the wet conditions don’t prevent them from delivering their services. Experience Makers, the premier wedding and events planners and management company has the experience and expertise to conduct events during monsoons in Kerala. They have been through tough conditions many times and know how to handle the pressure of conducting an event without hitches during the monsoons.