Kerala has successfully presented itself as a premier location for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE). The state has set up itself as a premier destination for small and medium to semi-large events, conferences and corporate meets. Experience Makers, the leading corporate and wedding events planner based in Kochi is at the helm of creating new and varied experiences with events.

Every event is a unique challenge
Conducting a great corporate or business meet in Kerala has its own challenges that are understood and navigated only by a leading local events planner like Experience Makers. Every aspect from sourcing of services sending out invites, logistics, delivery and erecting of event backdrops and standees, arranging the perfect food – are all stressful aspects that the planners take care of.

Each event is special
Whether it is a lavish award ceremony, a corporate meet, an industry event, promotion/launch of a new product – it becomes memorable only if new creative thoughts and strategies are incorporated into it. Everything from the road and traffic conditions, the sultry, rainy weather, unique situations like flash workers’ strikes and disruption in rail airlines or bus routes are all situations that only a good local planner can handle and deliver the best results.

Working with them all
Award ceremonies and corporate celebrations deserve lavish and glittering events and parties. New and exciting event plans have to be put in place. Thematic and corporate brand aspects are kept in mind while planning and conducting such events. Corporate festival events involving employees and their families can pose a different sort of challenge.

Managing crowds and seeing that everyone is attended to – is an art by itself. Product launches have many aspects as loyal customers and the media have to be managed with kid’s gloves. The venue and decor as well as the shows and associated entertainment has to be focus on promoting the company and its products too.

Speciality of the location
Kerala is reputed as a beautiful destination with many desirable tourist spots. Many of the top executives and their families from the company as well as the participating companies, associates and customers will be looking forward to visiting such tourist sports, taking advantage of the event. The event planners have to be ready to meet such requests and see that everyone is pleased.

If you are planning a dream wedding, a major corporate event, a milestone celebration of your company, an important product launch or just incentive events, consider Kerala and Kochi for all its benefits like event halls and convention centres all across the state that can be utilized. Kochi has many 5-star rated hotels with excellent facilities.

Opportunities for boating, visits to tourist spots and witnessing cultural programs can all be arranged. The state is picturesque and the Experience Makers team knows the whole ins and outs of Kochi and its workings. So, if you plan a corporate or business meet, consider Kerala as your prime destination.