There are weddings and weddings but to make one truly special requires the magical ability of a special team like Experience Makers, the leading Wedding Planners in Kochi. Everyone wants their wedding to be the most exciting, the best planned and the most spectacular.

It’s a special task
Weddings are by their very nature time-consuming, stressful and tense. This is why a good, highly experienced wedding planner is required in Kochi and across Kerala. Weddings can happen in cities where you don’t currently reside – or where it is convenient for both families. Most times, the venue is chosen by the family of the bride in consent/consultation with the groom’s family. It helps if the wedding planner has experience working at Kochi or other locations across Kerala like Experience Makers have.

Organizing is a daunting task
Experience Makers quietly go about their tasks by initially discussing the ideas and concepts that the bride and groom have in mind. The theme of the wedding is worked upon and a budget is arrived at. As a leading events and wedding planning planners offering specialized services, the families are guided on what to expect and how to go about the task of organizing the wedding. The Wedding Planners are involved in all the creative, logistical, conducting and organizing aspects of the wedding.

The planning makes it right
A good wedding plan is based on how well the bride and groom convey their ideas of a dream wedding which is discussed at length and with patience by the wedding planners. The dreams are worked out into workable strategies and the whole plan is put into place. All the elements are taken into account – and it can be many. It can start with the venue, the venue design, the lighting and flowers, the backdrops, the reception, the thematic features, the theme clothing, the welcoming, the seating, the stage decorations, the wedding photography and videography, the online virtual wedding broadcasts, the social media and invitations, the travel and guest accommodations, the entertainment, the food and banquet and so much more.

Making your dreams a reality
It takes a lot of expertise, experience and hard work to convert dreams into reality, especially for a spectacular and unique wedding. Once the go-ahead is given, a meticulous plan is put into place and all the various aspects are worked out in a timely fashion. Multiple things could be happening at the same time and a whole team will be working on the wedding. From the picture-perfect venue that meets the budget and requirements to the last moment – the wedding planner is with the family, taking care of every aspect.

The best wedding dreams become a reality as the theme, concept and ideas of the bride and groom are perfectly actualized with elegant design, decoration, careful selection of services and inputs. A perfect wedding is a completely stress-free, enjoyable and happy occasion where there is only joy. Everything runs smoothly and the whole wedding attendees have the most enjoyable moment – making the most memorable day of the bride and groom a very happy one – as their dreams are turned into reality!