Weddings in India is rich in its cultural elements. It follows traditions and has numerous cultural rituals which are maintained. Indian weddings are also grand and massive events. As there are numerous religious, regional and social wedding traditions, a multicultural wedding becomes all the more interesting and complex at the same time.

Tradition is king
Each community, segment and regional rituals and customs come into play and have to be adhered to. It all combines to make a wonderful wedding experience leading up to a big fat Indian wedding full of grandeur. It takes a good wedding planner with experience in conducting inter-religion, inter-caste and inter-region weddings in Kerala like

When cultures meet
When a wedding becomes an amalgamation of two cultures and traditions, lots of aspects have to be kept in mind and the wedding planner has to walk a very thin line, maintaining and presenting the best of both in combination and with the agreement of both families. From inter-caste, inter-regional and marriage between people from two different religions or states, all lead to a wedding becoming complex and beautiful.

The wedding traditions of each community have a long cultural history and well-entrenched traditions that are handed over to the new generation. A good wedding and event planners like Experience Makers in Kochi is adept at conducting magnificent cultural weddings. They have sound knowledge and experience in conducting traditional weddings and cross-cultural weddings.

The complexities involved
Kerala’s communities have unique wedding styles within each religion, religious sub-sections and regional tweaks. All the traditions are bewitchingly admirable and have a long history and tradition attached. With cross-cultural weddings, the fun is even more as the participants and guests get involved in a new and unique cultural experience. The ceremony becomes even more glorious, imaginative and fun.

In some cases, the weddings happen in two parts – with the wedding vows being taken in one place of religion and then followed up with the vows repeated in the religious place of the other partner. Many of the traditions have the same background and most of the procedures can have their own story and significance which can be improvised to make them more interesting and fun-filled.

The fun of cross-culture weddings
Cross-cultural weddings are challenging for wedding planners like Experience Makers at Kochi. Still, there is an awareness that it can be an exciting and grand experience for all the guests. The mix of cultures involves not just the wedding vows – but in the events, the food and the additions of subtle cultural elements. It will reflect the special features of each culture and highlight it. A good cross-culture wedding needs to have a good venue that can make the guests comfortable and there is enough space to cater to all the elements of the wedding.

Today cross-cultural weddings have taken on a whole new level with Indian men and women marrying partners from abroad. A large number of Indians now work and live abroad yet they want to be in touch with their roots by conducting an “Indian Wedding” which their partners from abroad simply love to experience with their family and friends. The true challenge is in making all the various groups involved comfortable and in tune with the proceedings.