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Summer Splendour: How to Blend the Best of Indoors and Outdoors for Your Event

by Litta • May 16, 2024

When the weather is good – and that is a very special time in Kerala, the state that enjoys two monsoons every year – holding events becomes very special. Events can be a combination of indoor and outdoors. Such events take special planning – something that Experience Makers, the best wedding and events management company […]

The Butterfly Effect in Corporate Events: How small decisions lead to big consequences

by Litta • May 3, 2024

Small events and happenings can lead to big results. This phenomenon is called the butterfly effect. In business jargon, it can happen when a good marketing event is conducted. It can take the company ahead of its peers and make its brands stand out. Conducting successful events at well-defined intervals can have a long-term effect […]

Addressing Traditions and Customs in Multicultural Indian Weddings

by Litta • February 8, 2024

It is witnessed that the number of intercultural weddings has increased very much in recent times. It is not surprising since a large number of youngsters live and work in other states and a cross-cultural setting in offices and companies. It is only natural that they engage with and find their life partners from within […]

Cultural sensitivity, diversity and etiquette in corporate events – how Event Planners handle it?

by Litta • January 17, 2024

One aspect that is clear to any leading Event Management and Planners in India is that one has to be completely sensitive to cultural differences, regional diversities and local etiquette while conducting events. Events become more interesting and fun when the prevalent local customs and traditions are followed during corporate events. It means that the […]

Wedding Planning – navigating cultural diversity in multicultural Indian weddings

by Litta • January 3, 2024

Weddings in India is rich in its cultural elements. It follows traditions and has numerous cultural rituals which are maintained. Indian weddings are also grand and massive events. As there are numerous religious, regional and social wedding traditions, a multicultural wedding becomes all the more interesting and complex at the same time. Tradition is kingEach […]

Wedding planners – the magicians who turn wedding dreams into reality!

by Litta • December 11, 2023

There are weddings and weddings but to make one truly special requires the magical ability of a special team like Experience Makers, the leading Wedding Planners in Kochi. Everyone wants their wedding to be the most exciting, the best planned and the most spectacular. It’s a special taskWeddings are by their very nature time-consuming, stressful […]

Crafting Productive and Memorable Business Events in Serene Kerala

by Litta • December 4, 2023

Kerala has successfully presented itself as a premier location for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE). The state has set up itself as a premier destination for small and medium to semi-large events, conferences and corporate meets. Experience Makers, the leading corporate and wedding events planner based in Kochi is at the helm of creating […]

How collaboration with event planners leads to the success of corporate events

by Litta • November 9, 2023

Every major company will have highly efficient and capable executives. Then when the requirement comes for the conduct of a major corporate event, brand promotion or product launch, it is natural to imagine that they may be tempted to organize or conduct the event by themselves. After all who knows the company, its brand and […]

Monsoon Magic: Navigating Rainy Season Events with Style and Practicality in Kerala

by Litta • November 2, 2023

Rainy season can play havoc with events and wedding planning. Today, the weather has become increasingly unpredictable; even weather forecasts may not help. The rains are so intense at times that it puts the whole program or event at risk with heavy rains that can continue for a larger part of a day or continuously […]

Secrets of Event Budgeting: Maximize Impact – Minimizing Costs

by Litta • September 12, 2023

The best way to create a successful event is to start at the very beginning with a budget plan which lays the groundwork for the rest to follow. A good budget plan is the best way to prevent overspending. It helps you make the best choices and the extent to which you can truly splurge. […]