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Conducting Eco-Friendly Events Successfully

by Litta • March 3, 2023

The fact that our planet is at peril is evident to everyone. So, the moot point is, what are we doing about it? We at Experience Makers, as one of the leading events and wedding planners in Kochi, Kerala is doing our bit by emphasising green credentials by making events more eco-friendly.  We work with […]

The Art of Creating Memorable Event Experiences for Attendees

by Litta • February 21, 2023

These days, everyone is hyper-stimulated with low attention spans. The mobile phone is a major distractor with phone calls, social media, and browsing the Internet. Now capturing the customer’s attention is a challenge that we Experience Makers – as the premier Wedding and Events planners in Kochi, Kerala – are delivering confidently.  Connecting with the […]

Event planning mantra for a roaring 2023!

by Litta • February 10, 2023

We are already past the first month of 2023 and the events calendar is hotting-up. The circumstances and events of the past few years have fundamentally changed the nature and style of events planning for weddings and corporate events. The aftershocks of the pandemic have made many people wary of large and uncontrolled gatherings. At […]

How to host the best wedding or event in Kochi?

by Litta • October 20, 2022

Is your company planning a corporate event or is there a wedding going to happen in your family? The first thing that comes to mind is which is the best Events Management planners in Kochi city in Kerala that is well experienced, has the best team, and has the capability to execute the event the […]