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Experience Makers is adept in conducting luxury weddings with years of experience in bespoke weddings of all communities – Hindu, Christian, Muslim and others – incorporating all cultural and religious elements and nuances along with the ideas and aspirations of the young couple together, in a well-orchestrated wedding event.

Conducting Sensational Weddings
 across Kerala

Translate your wedding dreams into perfect reality with the full support and control of Experience Makers and keep stress at bay, budgets under control and make all your relatives and guests happy.

The wedding can be a one-day event or even a six-day extravaganza – or involve a host of events from betrothal or ‘pennu-kanal’ to mehndi, the actual wedding, the reception and office party etc. We help you craft and conduct the perfect unique celebration that will be etched in memory forever.

Why we are Most Preferred?

The crème-de-la-crème of Kochi’s society prefers
us to conduct their wedding events

Recognized expertise

Every wedding is a special event – a transition from one state of life to another. It is an emotional event and a celebration. It is a union of two individuals and two families too. We at Experience Makers understand all the nuances and seriousness of the event.

Perfect Planning

No wedding and corporate events can happen without perfect planning. It is a celebration and a journey of transition for the couple the family and even their friends. Here lives entwine and the joy of marriage is multiplied by a totally well-designed and conducted event.

Enhancing Experience

Even with a wedding looming before them, the bride and groom as well as their parents would sometimes find it difficult to find time for all aspects of the event. They lead busy lives and that is where we come in as experts who take care of EVERYTHING. Our expertise and adaptability help us ways to enhance the overall experience of the event and find solutions for every challenge. From attire selection to the chauffeur-driven car and from supplier sourcing and management, budget creation and execution, payment management and settlement of all payments, we are with you all the way.

Bespoke Weddings

Creating and conducting bespoke weddings are a norm in Kerala these days. It is both challenging and exciting. Both the bride and groom have ideas that have to converge and be made practical and executable. Our expertise, along with long hours of planning and consultation help in arriving at the most creative ideas. We help in the invitation and RSVP Management, and all elements of the wedding from photographers to caterers are taken care of. But most important is in the coordination, the smooth conduct, and the overall experience where every issue is handled and taken care of on the go without any hassles.

Individualized Wedding Personalized Experience

Creating niche weddings while meeting
religious and cultural requirements

Experience Makers is making its mark in the wedding scenario. Incorporating all the modern innovations including dynamic stages with sensational lighting, floral designs and innovative themes, drone and specialized video, live streaming, wedding entertainment with live performances, special thematic dances and complete theme wedding from concept to execution –leaves the whole halls of invitees completely spellbound.

Experience Makers commences from planning, discussion on budgets which include every aspect and even making provisions of emergencies and contingencies, focused wedding centered on the taste and desires of the individual couple and thus making the event fully bespoke. Your wedding will be unique, singular and fantabulous. We match each couple with hand-picked luxury venues and completely focus on your wedding entirely during the period of our contract – thus ensuring a personalized experience.


We love weddings as they are joyous events with comradery, friendship, and a confluence of families and neighbors. Even the bride and groom can dance and celebrate with the others. We make our events joyful.


We conduct weddings that are intimate functions where the guests are limited in number and also events where the invitees can run to a few thousand. Whatever be your desire, we have the venue and arrangements.


Whatever be the wedding-related event – Mehndi, Sangeet, Reception or Wedding itself, we ensure delicious food, lavish décor, the best of entertainment, a range of outfit changes and loads of fun rituals for the couple.


We ensure that everyone feels welcome. We understand the cultural nuances and complexities of Indian Weddings. This is why a lot of thought and thorough planning goes into making every wedding personal and unique.

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